Avoid costly fines and never get a ticket for not having a front license plate again! Install Big Mike’s Performance Parts’ STO N SHO™ aftermarket detachable front license plate bracket today. Big Mike’s Performance Parts’ STO N SHO™ aftermarket detachable front license plate bracket is designed for today’s modern muscle, performance, and luxury cars and for those who do not want to detract from the beauty of their car by using the factory front license plate mounting location. 

2012-2016 Subaru BRZ
2012-2016 Subaru BRZ

Big Mike's Performance Parts' STO N SHO for 2012-2016 Subaru BRZ Big Mike’s Performance Parts’ STO N SHO ™ is an aftermarket quick release front license plate bracket that is designed for those cars whose appearance would be...


The STO N SHOTM is a two piece detachable front license plate mounting system consisting of a front license plate holder and a base mounting plate that allows for the easy removal of the front license plate when desired and the quick replacement of the front license plate when needed. When the front license plate holder is removed the remaining base plate is virtually undetectable. The STO N SHOTM allows you to comply with state law while maintaining the beauty of your vehicle.

The STO N SHOTM is manufactured in the USA using quality materials and parts. The front and base plates are precision laser cut and hand burnished. Each tube and rod is machine cut and hand cleaned. Each STO N SHOTM is expertly hand welded and drilled. After it’s assembled the bracket is off to the finishers where the STO N SHO’sTM base plate welds are ground smooth. The bracket then receives a coat of high quality automotive trim black paint. The final step in the process is to install the pull pin and test the product. While the bracket may look simple in appearance, a lot of time and work goes into making each STO N SHOTM bracket to ensure you receive a quality product.